Copy of Teeny Tiny Turtle Earrings

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Sometimes I think to myself, at what point did human beings decide to puncture their ears with needles and hang valuables from them? These things, called 'earrings', have dominated the jewellery scene for centuries, and no one has ever questioned it. Being a person who overthinks stuff makes you think strange things. Like, for example, 'What is the point of learning and enjoying math if I don't even want a future job that requires it?' or 'Are the plants in your house waiting patiently to take over?' or even 'why do humans destroy their earlobes for fashion?'

It may not seem like it, but I love earrings (and making them, as it seems...) so here! Buy these fashionable ear spikes and strut that sidewalk! Or road! Or boardwalk! Or runway! Ignore my mindless pondering and use your primal instincts of buying random clay things!

Handmade by Florence

Polymer Clay, Thread & Fixture