Copy of Dirty Judas Colon Piggy Bank with Golden Eyebrows

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Pigs might as well be hermaphrodites because they’ll kill, fuck and eat anything they can get their snouts on. This porky penny penitentiary will keep your filthy ‘me’ money safe from those whinging socialists. For what are coins these days but archaic Covid transmitters for the poor. Keep the change slave and keep your Covid too! Get touch free payment options on your grubby eftpos machine you horrible little gypsy, you scabby scabied scribble of false creation. Only the economy can save us now! Find a fat, homeless child and brain it with a heavy hoggy bank full of Covid coins, then eat the poor. 

Woodfired Stoneware 1300 degrees Celsius. May spark and explode in a microwave because it's full of iron bearing rocks. May bully other crockery if left unsupervised in a cupboard environment. May spit, leak or generally be obnoxious. Handwash with the tears of mermaids. Made from New Zealand. Stamped STEER like the brand on a colt's arse.