The Geko

Rob ate oysters

Oysters ate Rob

Better a bite on the foot

than the knob

Simon Cumming's

Hairy stick

Eating weed

and smoking dick

Stoking stallion

Fixed the tap

Wasted clay

with hooky crap

Seraphine Dream

Painting queen

Kissed a pot and

made it scream

Karl Fritsch

Kiln bitch

Made a sink

Pretty stink

Lisa love beads

Plays ‘The Game’

Super powered

Wadding pain

Drunken Sarah

Aunty Shearer

Gerard's stench

drawing nearer

Francis dances

through the room

There is no dust

where there's a broom

Ford's hordes

Gypsy shit

Making light

in darkest pit

Differ Cult

Whiskey salt

Tippy flowers

on the vault

Thank you Sam

for your safe hands

And Frederick too

for being glue

And thank you Barry

In your death

You were the lungs

we are your breath.

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