All Art is Merchandise

Lip twist times spit sin text rhymes. I am deep into the new project. If you want to take the island - burn the boats. Relative calm doldrums the pottery. Hansel cancels Greta. All lives don't matter. Vegans love bacon. When you have been practicing a craft for a very long time the smallest progressions matter. Soft subtleties seed fresh flowers. And there is a familiarity to beginning again. Clean the studio, make the clay, recycle the beer bottles. Reply to emails. Sorry not sorry. Your call is important to cheese. I am currently a gay with my desk. Hi, you've reached the best poet in the world. T-Rex can’t touch toes. Spirit drinking drunks drink drunken drinks. Colossal false apostle denudes Pseudonym. My mischief cuts culture. Puppet Vulture...

Rubbish budgie

Feeling judgie

Sentence the cat to death.

Cat seez no!

Don’t call me bro,

Repeal transparent flesh.


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